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Quick Lime/Calcium oxide Lump CaO 80%~95%

Calcium oxide & quick lime Quick lime powder and quick lime lump CaO 80%~CaO 95% For water treatment,sugar,Poultry disinfection,construction, agriculture, aquaculture,petroleum,steel,paper,and so on.

Calcium Oxide% 95
Size(mm) 20-40
Iron Oxide % 0.75
Silicon Dioxide % 0.6
Magnesium Oxide % 1.0
Aluminium Oxide% 0.06

Lime products have a plenty of uses in a wide variety of traditional and emerging applications. Aerated Concrete, Agricultural Farm, Bioplastics, Cement, Desalination Plant, Feed Mill, Fiber Glass, Flue Gas Treatment, Glass & Bottle, Incinerator, Iron & Steel, Mortars, Non-ferrous Metal, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Precious Metals, PCC, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Pulp & Paper, Road Construction & Foundation, Soil Stabilization, Sugar Products, Waste & Water Treatment.

Ton bags and 25KG bags

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