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Poly ferric Sulfate

Poly ferric Sulfate (PFS) & polymeric ferric sulfate & ferric sulfate Yellow powder and liquid For water treatment

Total Iron% >19.1
Reducing substances % 0.01
Basicity% 14.0
PH 2.4
As% 0.0001
Pb 0.0001
Insolubles% 0.4
Solubility Soluble
Color Yellow amorphous powdery solid
Purity 19-22%
Package 25kg/50kg Plastic woven bag with polyethylene liner

  1. As purification agent for municipal and industrial wastwater treatment.
  2. Drinking water treatment
  3. Papermaking effluent treatment
  4. Urban sewage treatment ions in water
  5. Dyeing wastewater treatment
  6. Remove COD,BOD and heavy metal
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